Neighborhood Partners

Collaboration allows us to leverage our strengths, compensate for our weaknesses, and reach areas and demographics of our city that might otherwise remain untouched.

Don't hesitate to contact, come alongside and find creative ways to help and learn from our partners - each is an incredible gift to the neighborhood of Rogers Park and city of Chicago!


We believe in taking the Gospel to the streets, meeting people where they are, and walking alongside them in their joys and struggles. Whether it's a park bench conversation, a prayer circle on a street corner, or a worship service in a local courtyard, Night Church embodies the essence of incarnational ministry—the Word made flesh, dwelling among us.

The result of many years of ministry in the community of North Rogers Park, Night Church is a time to break bread with our neighbors, worship Jesus, feed on God’s word, celebrate each other’s talents and open our ears to better understand our community.  Night Church is a worship service, a dance party, an open mic, a good meal, artistic collaboration, and some really special moments you will never forget.

C24/7 Father's Arms Ministries

C24/7 is working in the North of Howard neighborhood of Rogers Park to bring the love of Jesus to families through supporting their education, spiritual, emotional and physical growth.


Our vision is to see the diverse body of Christ united and Chicagoland transformed into a place of peace.  We invite you and your community to join seasonal rhythms of unity and collaboration. Our hope is that our habits of prayer and action will shape all of us in increasing oneness as the “big-C” Church in Chicagoland.

Coming soon...